Almadany Pharma

Logistics & Importation Department

Al-Madani Pharmaceuticals Corporation has succeeded in developing its business over the past years to become one of the most prominent importers of medicines, food supplements and medical supplies from major international companies. The Foundation i working on signing new partnership agreements with leading suppliers around the world in an effort to meet the increasing demand in the Yemeni pharmaceutical market, as well as enriching customers' lives by ensuring that they have access to safe and reliable pharmaceuticals.

The Import Department works on preparing purchase orders in line with the needs of the movement of items, following up the issuance of their letters of guarantee or credits, following up on incoming shipments to ensure their arrival on time, following up on payment of customs duties, following up clearance procedures and delivering goods to warehouses And deliver it in accordance with the stock and financial procedures, and ensure that it conforms to the specifications specified in the purchase requisition, and coordinate with the Financial Department to complete the payment process for suppliers to avoid any delay or interruption in the supply process.