Almadany Pharma

A word from the General Manager and Executive

General Manager's message:

There is no doubt that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and in order to develop our present we must set a clear vision for our future. Yesterday, we started with one pharmacy, then we moved to the internal wholesale drug trade. But today we have a variety of health activities, on top of which is the Al-Madani Foundation for the import and distribution of medicines that are built on solid foundations and apply the latest administrative systems in its departments according to the most recent systems in force globally, and we are not only looking through them for expansion locally and regionally, but we also look forward to globalization at all levels in terms of the system Management and spread, taking into account the values ​​and principles on which we grew up and upon which we founded our large family. Investment in human development is the cornerstone of business success and continuity. Our vision of success is related to measuring the satisfaction of our customers and meeting their aspirations and needs, and we are still striving to improve our performance and find the best, and search for opportunities to increase our activities inside and outside Yemen. Yemeni.

Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Madani

Deputy Director General's message:

Al-Madani Pharmaceutical Corporation is one of the institutions with a long history that was able in a short period, thanks to God, to register its name in golden letters among companies and health institutions in Yemen for its excellence in the quality of dealing with customers and companies, which earned it the trust of everyone and by providing medicines and medical supplies that carry the highest quality standards and It corresponds to the purchasing power of the citizen, and this is what is imposed by the size of the responsibility entrusted to us.

Dr. Baligh Al-Maqtari