Almadany Pharma

Sales and Distribution Network

The Corporation has a large client base, serving more than 750 private hospitals, 380 medical centers, 3,880 pharmacies, and 73 government tenders. Al-Madani Pharmaceutical Corporation distributes medicines and medical preparations to more than 5,000 customers from wholesalers and retailers, pharmacies chains, and public and private hospitals, in addition to its active participation in government tenders and organizations. The Corporation has prepared a specialized team for this aspect. The organization relies on a highly efficient supply chain management system to deliver more than 6,000 orders per month..

Al-Madani Pharmaceutical Corporation has more than 65 sales professionals across Yemen who are responsible for sales, collection and customer service. The sales team at Al-Madani Corporation manages its business in 13 distribution centers throughout Yemen and owns a fleet of trucks that includes more than 25 refrigerated trucks. The Corporation has provided storage warehouses and distribution centers equipped them with the latest drug storage and distribution technology; it has an advanced system for managing supply and supply activities, using the latest temperature control systems that conform to the storage and distribution standards approved by the Ministry of Health and the Supreme Authority for Medicines. This ensures quality storage and delivery of temperature sensitive pharmaceutical products. The institution distinguished by providing services for receiving orders through digital system of communication and delivering them to customers throughout the Republic on time.